Compulsory health insurance for employees in Dubai has been introduced in phases over recent years, via the Insurance System for Advancing Healthcare in Dubai (ISAHD) run by the Dubai Health Authority (DHA). 

The implementation dates of the scheme were as follows:

  • Workers at companies employing more than 1000 employees (by October 2014)
  • Workers at companies employing between 1000 and 100 employees (July 2015
  • All other workers (including domestic staff), spouses and dependents (June 2016)

The original date for compliance (as listed above) was initially extended by the Regulator to the end of 2016 and more recently, to 31 March 2017, by Resolution (7) of 2016

In light of the above, along with the implementation phase spanning a number of years, it cannot be said that the Regulator has not allowed numerous chances for compliance prior to issuing the fines outlined in the article and as the time has now come, a clear message has been sent with the monetary penalty that non-compliance will not be tolerated.