As all members of the Axco team are working from home, we wanted to share how we’ve been rising to the challenges of life in quarantine. Thankfully for us, Axco is able to operate without obstruction even in these difficult times and business continues as usual. We’re even releasing brand new developments of our products during this time.

So, how are we dealing with WFH life? I answered seven quickfire questions to let the people know. Here are my Home Truths…

Tell us about yourself…

I'm a Global Information Analyst working on the Premier Regulatory Alerts team. I joined Axco in November 2019 having previously worked at MS Amlin, Bluefin and RSA in an underwriting assistant capacity dealing with numerous books of business, this is also my first role in London. During the lockdown, I am working from my house near Stanstead airport which consists of myself, my husband and our cat, Felix. 

How have you overcome the challenges of working in quarantine?

I speak with my team daily through Microsoft Teams and regular phone calls. Each day we discuss what work we have and agree on a plan for that particular day.

I also have weekly team meetings with the wider Regulatory Alerts team so we all know the week's schedule which has been a huge help during the lockdown.

Being able to use a webcam has definitely helped with these meetings, it's nice to still be able to see my colleagues.

Do you have any working from home hacks?

I find having a daily routine helps. I start work at the same time each day and finish at the same time which means I can then plan my day outside of work too, be it reading, gaming, photographing or exercising.

Having the routine has definitely helped me through some of the lockdown's tougher moments.

Best quarantine snack?

Nutella-B bar - it's low in calories, so great for the lockdown.

How is your step count looking?

Terrible. Most days I don't even put my Fitbit on to check as I'm not going out to exercise (I do use a bike trainer though but don't think I can count that as steps taken).

My new obsession is…

Researching my family tree. I've wanted to look into my family tree for so many years and decided at Easter this year that lockdown was the perfect time to do it. So far it's been 7 weeks and I have 894 people in it with some very interesting results.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to?

Being able to give my family a hug, we've had a tough couple of months and there's nothing I'd like more than to give my parents a hug right now.

That and being able to go back to carriage driving and horse riding.