As all members of the Axco team are working from home, we wanted to share how we’ve been rising to the challenges of life in quarantine. Thankfully for us, Axco is able to operate without obstruction even in these difficult times and business continues as usual. We’re even releasing brand new developments of our products during this time.

So, how are we dealing with WFH life? I answered seven quickfire questions to let the people know. Here are my Home Truths…

Tell us about yourself…

My name’s Jay and I’m a Global Information Analyst working in the Market Intelligence and Analytics team at Axco. I have been at Axco for almost eight months, three of which have now been under lockdown. Since I joined, I have been working on updating the Regulatory Alerts service and have now begun processing the Interim Updates for our Insurance Market Reports.

How have you overcome the challenges of working in quarantine?

The transition to working from home has involved a lot of adjustment and trying to find ways to be as productive as before. Keeping the same level of connection with colleagues in the office and lack of connections to multiple screens(!) inevitably throws up a few challenges, which I feel I’ve been able to take in my stride. The use of Microsoft Teams and Salesforce has been invaluable to keep in touch with individual colleagues as well as groups within the company, where discussions can range anywhere from work to cat pictures and songs to put on the company WFH playlist.

I have tried to get involved in many different areas of the company in my time at Axco and this has enabled me to be as collaborative as possible. As part of Axco’s Corporate Social Responsibility team, we are currently hosting calls on different themes and developing initiatives to keep the company as connected as possible and also to keep morale high through this isolated time.

Do you have any working from home hacks?

Unlike the picture below, I do my best to keep my phone away from arm’s reach! I find this helps with getting into a flow with my work without the distractions and specifically setting time aside for the distractions. Obviously a lot is going on around the world at the moment, so it is good to stay connected to events outside of our homes, but making time for breaks to catch up on the news and other things has been very helpful.

Best quarantine snack?

I’ve tried to stay healthy during lockdown with a lot of walks and exercise so snacks are something which I have tried to cut down on thankfully!

How is your step count looking?

I haven’t been keeping count unfortunately but have been thankful for the parks/open spaces and great weather during lockdown!

My new obsession is…

I have begun learning Spanish on my phone and through watching Spanish programmes after I got inspired on my trip around Andalusia last year! Meditation is also something which I have tried to practice daily and it has helped to keep still while everything changes around us. Something I recommend to anyone finding this time particularly difficult.

And finally, what are you most looking forward to?

Just having banter again with friends, family and colleagues is something I’m definitely looking forward to!

With the risks posed by COVID-19, Axco has adapted to this new way of life to continue delivering the most up-to-date insurance data. Find out more about our services.