Released today! Two new features to your Axco country reports:

'My Reports', a feature aimed at helping you get the information you need faster in our Insurance Market/ Employee Benefits Reports and Dark Mode, to increase accessibility and help reduce eyestrain.

 My Reports 

My Reports will help you navigate to the areas of the Insurance Market Reports that matter most to you. Allowing you to save your most important filters and focus on the specific section of the reports that are relevant to you.

You can access 'My Reports' through the Multi-Selection Report option in your IMRs. Then you can access your previously saved topic selection by clicking the 'My Reports' radio button.

To create new 'My Reports', select 'Topics' and choose the areas of the report that matter most to you from the dropdown menu. After that, you can save that selection by clicking the 'Add Selection to My Reports' button at the bottom of the dropdown.

Then you can go to My Reports and run that same selection of topics for any territory(s) by selecting them from the dropdown menu.

Dark Mode 

Dark Mode is a new feature being released simultaneously with My Reports. This will be able to be enabled across the platform and will give our users more choice on how they want to view the platform, and, for those of our users who spend a long time looking at reports, help mitigate eyestrain.

To access Dark Mode, click on your name in the top right of the portal home page and then by clicking the 'Appearance' button, you can toggle Dark or Light Mode on or off across the whole platform:

And here is a preview of what Dark Mode looks like!

We hope you enjoy the new features that are coming with the next update, and of course, if you have any questions about how to use them, please don't hesitate to contact us at